About the journal

The journal «Interdisciplinary Approaches to Medicine» is peer-reviewed information and analytical publication that accumulates modern achievements of domestic and foreign medicine and healthcare, which was founded in 2020. The founder and publisher of the journal is the Al-Farabi Kazakh National University. The journal has an approved cover and title pages with an indication of the university, output numbers of the issue, ISSN, eISSN, editorial board, editorial policy, publication ethics and website.

The journal is published 2 times a year. Journal articles are registered in the CrossRef database and for each author's article assigned a DOI - a digital object identifier, that is used to provide a citation, reference, and output to electronic documents.

The journal also placed in the Scientific Electronic Library elibrary.ru in open access for readers and included in the analytical database «Russian Science Citation Index».

The editorial board of the journal includes leading Kazakhstani and foreign scientists.

The journal follows the policy of information openness and accessibility of authors' publications, articles are posted on the journal's website in full-text access.

The purpose of the journal is to highlight the results of research in fundamental, theoretical and applied science, as well as materials of practical and educational orientation in the field of medicine and related specialties.

The fundamental principle of the journal's policy is an interdisciplinary approach that will allow presenting the results of scientific researchers in various fields of natural and medical sciences on specific topics.

The journal will become the main operational source of new information about the achievements in the field of domestic and international medical science and, therefore, the most important means of promoting the translation of scientific achievements into practical health care.

Objectives of the journal:

  • Providing a publication platform for the exchange of information between domestic and foreign researchers.
  • Involvement of leading scientists and young researchers with analytical materials, scientific articles on fundamental and applied issues of medicine and health care in general.
  • Regular and timely informing of the medical community about modern achievements and innovative methods of diagnosis and treatment of domestic and foreign medicine.
  • Assistance in translating the results of medical science achievements into practical health care.

Thematic directions of the journal

The main thematic focus is the publication of materials based on the results of scientific research in the field of medicine and related specialties, modern achievements in the field of practical health care and medical education. Thus, these are original high-quality articles based on the results of scientific clinical studies, analytical reviews on certain problematic issues of medicine, clinical cases, opinions on the problem, lectures, and discussions. Fixing the results of scientific research - ideas, facts (laws, categories, etc.), and the journal will serve as a means of transmitting scientific information in space and time, ensuring the continuity and cooperation of scientific work and medical practice.  Main thematic directions of the journal:

  • General medicine
  • Pediatrics
  • Dentistry
  • Pharmacy
  • Public health
  • Nursing
  • Laboratory medicine
  • Physical Culture and sport
  • Sports and Wellness Fitness
  • Healthcare management
  • Sports management
  • Biomedicine
  • Molecular genetics

* The author(s) of the manuscript approved for publication in the journal are obliged to pay for publication in accordance with the approved price list for publication in the scientific journals of al-Farabi KazNU. According to the approved price list, payment for publication is 500 tenge per page.

In exceptional cases, if there are other sources of funding for the journal series, authors may be fully or partially exempted from payment for the publication of the article. A receipt for payment for publication in pdf format is sent by the author(s) to the e-mail address of the editorial office of the journal.